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    Yes, IMAGEMAYHEM is back online. But what has happened?

    After longer inactivity from the internet for several reasons I deleted the whole site :omg:

    So instead of moving on with this I teamed up with @Stabbyand we created something more old school because we both think forums are still the best place for good discussions, especially in the age of social media.

    And so Apex of Sin was born. Not a typical Gore-Board like the Darkzone was, but a place where Gore and other adult related contents are allowed. A place for good discussions with same minded people without the trolls that populate the other scene forums.

    We had planned the finances and the budget to keep the site alive without annoying ads or paid memberships. But then, out of the blue, we were hit by a hard blow from the company that had developed the software (Invision Community) in form of a drastic price raise.

    But then Stabby proved once again that she is an absolute genius and came up with the idea to change the forum software :lighten:

    So what has happened exactly?

    We converted the Apex of Sin forums to the new software (which is named XenForo). After that I removed the forums, downloads and other parts from the now redundant IPS and moved the remaining stuff to this domain, which was still in my portfolio.

    And because XF is a very cheap software, we now have TWO sites and even save money :mischievious:

    I know that sounds crazy and confusing and the question now surely is "but why two sites"? The reason is I am an images collector and still love the picdump / galleries concept too that can't be realized as it is now with XF.

    What has happened to the "old" IMAGEMAYHEM?

    If you had an account here before, I have bad news for you. Like already said the original site got deleted. Everything's gone, all albums, old pics and accounts of course too. This is a new beginning, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, but I hope you like it anyway.

    And of course I hope you enjoy APEX OF SIN too :rocker:



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